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Plaid Cymru criticises Qualifications Wales’ decision not to abolish Welsh second language qualification

Plaid Cymru have criticised Qualifications Wales’ decision not to abolish the Welsh second language qualification.

In criticising Qualification Wales decision not to abolish Welsh second language qualification Heledd Fychan MS, Plaid Cymru’s spokesperson on Children and Young People, and the Welsh language, said:

This decision is contrary to the demands of campaigners and the clear evidence for years that the current system does not allow equal access for all to the Welsh language. It raises major questions about the role and purpose of Qualifications Wales as a body. The great danger is that what is happening is the rebranding of Welsh second language, rather than the much-needed step forward in order to meet the Government’s ambitious targets of creating a million, and more, speakers of the language.

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“The existence of the second language qualification and the creation of a single Language continuum create dangers in itself in terms of lack of continuity between primary and secondary schools, particularly in a number of counties in the west of the country.

“We want to work together across the parties for the benefit of the people of Wales and their communities, but a decision like this from an unelected body undermines those efforts. Although the decisions by Qualifications Wales is the result of a process initiated prior to the Co-Operation Agreement, it is clear that the route will have to be changed if we can reach cross-party agreement on the content of a Welsh Education Bill.” 

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