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Plaid Cymru Llanelli ‘Deeply disappointed’ by Labour scaremongering over crematorium site

PLAID Cymru Llanelli has criticised Labour Senedd candidates and Llanelli’s MP Nia Griffith for scaremongering over the future of an area near the Llanelli crematorium.

Llanelli MS candidate for Plaid Cymru Helen Mary Jones said: “This issue has raised serious concerns for many in Llanelli. I have held a series of meetings and responded to Llanelli residents on my Facebook page since the reporting of this issue in the media. I have met Council Leader Emlyn Dole and he has reassured me the Executive Board and the whole Council, will handle the issues sensitively.

“But it has to be remembered that the Council are not entirely free to decide on how the site could be used. Nia Griffith MP conveniently forgets that the land in question was earmarked as a Proposed Employment Area in the Local Development Plan in 2014 when Carmarthenshire County Council was led by Labour.

“If she felt that this was not an appropriate site for development, she should have made it clear to her Labour colleagues at the time. Once a site has this designation in the Local Development Plan, it becomes difficult for the Council to turn down plans that fit the criteria, and if they do appeals to Welsh Government are usually successful. I am deeply disappointed by Labour candidates and representatives making cheap political points on such an important and sensitive matter.”

Plaid Cymru Councillor Emlyn Dole, Leader of Carmarthenshire Council said:

“Any application for planning comes before the cross-party Planning Committee of Carmarthenshire County Council. Any planning matter is rigorously considered by councillors of all parties. There have been no plans submitted for this site as far as I am aware.

“This blatant political attack by Labour candidates for the Senedd is very disappointing. This is quite rightly a sensitive matter, why then did Labour Councillors approve the Local Development Plan seven years ago with this development? ”


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