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Plaid Cymru responds to NHS waiting time increase

RESPONDING to new data that shows waiting times have increased as a result of the pandemic, Plaid Cymru Shadow Health Minister Rhun ap Iorwerth MS said,

“As new data comes in that further proves the enormous pressure our NHS is under as a result of the pandemic, the ‘Save the NHS’ message from the first national lockdown is still ringing in our ears. That’s a message we all, as individuals, have to take seriously, but Government has to play its part too, in protecting and facilitating non-Covid services as well as dealing with the pandemic itself.

“We still need to see more urgency in delivering significant ‘Green’ COVID-free, or ‘COVID-light’ sites for diagnosis and treatment. Stopping in-hospital transmission of the virus is another area which needs significant attention.

“Meanwhile we’re still awaiting reassurance from Ministers of how they used the firebreak to strengthen the all-important test, trace and isolate measures. This is the key in gaining control in our battle against coronavirus, and will demonstrate that the government intends to keep its promise to work towards Covid elimination in Wales, rather than be prepared to bounce from one lockdown to another.”

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