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Plaid Cymru says access to housing should be “human right”

RESPONDING to the new loan scheme for tenants in Wales who have built up rent arrears due to the coronavirus pandemic Plaid Cymru Shadow Housing minister Delyth Jewell MS said:

“This announcement from the housing minister is a long-overdue commitment to tackling both homelessness and the housing crisis and I look forward to working with Welsh Government and local authorities to ensure that money is targeted where it is needed.

“But there is always more to do. To truly address these long terms problems we need a housing first model, more affordable homes being built and ending no-fault evictions for good.

“The Coronavirus has exposed the grim truth that homelessness is and remains a political choice that should have been tackled long ago. Access to housing should be a human right and Plaid Cymru will work to see this enshrined in Welsh law.

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