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Plaid Leader calls on Labour to formally look at Wales’ constitutional future at emergency Senedd debate

PLAID CYMRU'S Leader Adam Price has written to First Minister Mark Drakeford ahead of the emergency Senedd debate today asking him to support the party's call to establish a Welsh Constitutional Convention to look at all options for Wales' constitutional future - including independence.

The Welsh Government and Plaid Cymru have jointly tabled a motion for debate for the Senedd recall which opposes prorogation, reiterates the Assembly’s opposition to no-deal and calls on MPs to use legal and constitutional means of stopping no-deal and to ensure that the decision should be put back to the electorate.

Plaid Cymru have tabled an amendment calling on the Welsh Government to establish a Welsh National Constitutional Convention to look at all options for Wales’ constitutional future including independence.

Writing to the First Minister “in good faith” and urging his party to support the amendments to the joint motion, Plaid Cymru Leader Adam Price said the “unprecedented events and chaos in Westminster” represents a “broken system” and the need for “a constructive debate” on the future of Wales.

Mr Price said that thinking creatively on Wales’ future “should be the work of the entire nation” and urged Mr Drakeford to back the amendment to establish a Welsh National Constitutional Convention.

Alun Davies AM has been asked to lead a project on the First Minister’s behalf to explore the future of the United Kingdom if it were to leave the European Union on 31st October with the findings expected by Easter 2020. However, the Plaid Cymru leader said this work is “too important” to be given as a long-term project to a backbench AM and should happen “at greater pace, enjoy the full support and resource of government with ministerial input, and have the ability to consult widely with the people of Wales about their future constitutional preferences.”

Plaid Cymru Leader Adam Price said,

“The unprecedented events and chaos in Westminster – which have prompted tomorrow’s recall of the Senedd – represents a broken system and signals a clear need for us in Wales to launch a constructive debate on our country’s future.

“It is imperative we should come together as a nation and think creatively in this current constitutional crisis to launch a constructive debate on Wales’ future. Creating a new Wales should be the work of the entire nation, all of its people and all of its perspectives.

“With this in mind, I ask that you consider supporting Plaid Cymru’s amendment to establish a Welsh National Constitutional Convention –including a Citizens’ Assembly, to look at all options for Wales’ constitutional future, including independence. We also believe that preparations should begin for a referendum which will allow the people of Wales to decide their constitutional future.

“What better response from the Senedd, our Welsh Parliament, to Boris Johnson’s reckless actions than to begin a thoughtful and hopeful discussion with our people about the future of our country.

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