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Plaid urge dropping grade standardisation process for upcoming Wales GCSE results

PLAID Cymru Shadow Education Minister Sian Gwenllian MS has urged the Welsh Government to follow the Northern Irish lead in dropping the grade standardisation process for GCSE results.

Ms Gwenllian noted that the Welsh Government ought to make an announcement today on dropping the current “flawed system” they’ve adopted.

“Wales must follow the lead given by the Northern Ireland Assembly and drop the grade standardisation process ahead of GCSE results to provide fairness and justice to its young people who have worked so hard and have faced an unprecedentedly difficult and confusing time.

“The Welsh Government should be doing all it can to alleviate stress for this cohort which is likely to face many more challenges from the fallout of the pandemic in the coming years, rather than putting further barriers in their path. The centre assessment grades should replace the flawed system adopted by the Welsh Government and an announcement to that effect needs to be made today.”

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