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SWANSEA Council car park users are being offered an extra way to pay for parking by using a smartphone app rather than cards or coins at its pay and display car parks.

Motorists will still be able to use cards or coins at pay and display machines located in council car parks but the new MiPermit app will be an easier way to pay

MiPermit already operates the app service in other towns and cities across the UK and Swansea motorists can download it now their smart phones which will enable them to pay by text or phone.

Stuart Davies, head of highways at the council, said: “The MiPermit app is being used by many councils across the UK. It aims to make it more convenient for people to pay for their parking without having to use coins or their cash card.
“We know that not everyone will want to use it which is why payment by cash or by card in our car parks will still be available. We are in the middle of an extensive investment in all our car parks with new up to date equipment to make coin and card use easier in future.”

App users will have one of two options after they’ve parked-up their car at a council pay and display car park. Option one is to download the app to their iPhone or Android phone and make a one-off payment by inputting their card details.

The alternative to that is to download the app and securely register their personal, vehicle and payment details with MiPermit. The system will then hold their details permanently which will make future payment processes easier. More than one vehicle can be registered by motorists on their accounts.

All parking charges will remain as advertised on the tariff boards in the council car parks.

MiPermit has added an optional facility which allows users to purchase a 10p-a-time reminder text message service to let them know when the time they’ve paid for at the car park is about to run out so they know it’s time to return to their vehicle or top-up their payment.

Information on MiPermit and how to download the apps for Android or Apple phones is available at www.mipermit.com or http://kb.mipermit.com – the help section is available in Welsh and English.

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