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Police and Crime Commissioner secures over £140k of additional funding

ON 25 June 2020, Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) Dafydd Llywelyn confirmed that his office had secured over £140,000 of additional government funding for organisations that provide support for victims of domestic and sexual violence in Dyfed-Powys to assist them with COVID 19 related costs.

The Government recently announced a £76 million package of support to ensure that the most vulnerable in society get the support they need during the pandemic. This included funding to help survivors of domestic abuse and their children by providing more safe spaces, accommodation and access to support services during the coronavirus outbreak.

Having recently invited organisations to work with his office to submit applications for the funding, PCC Mr Llywelyn was pleased to announce that funding was secured for all ten of the organisations that had applied.

Mr Llywelyn said, “I’m delighted to say that we received applications from ten organisations in total and, following our proposals to the Ministry of Justice to allocate just over £140,000 of additional funding for these organisations, we received confirmation this week that all the funding has been secured.

“This is great news for all the organisations, as the additional funding will have a significant impact on alleviating some of the pressure that they have been put under during these difficult times.

“These crimes should never be happening, and the government understands the challenges faced by services supporting those for whom home is not a safe place during lockdown.

“Some of our front line charities have struggled to continue their vital work during the pandemic, at the very time when the risk for those trapped in abusive or exploitative situations has increased.

“It is essential that victims be assisted to access the help they need, which will include additional support for survivors of domestic abuse and sexual violence, supporting new ways of working to reach those isolated by lockdown. Anyone at risk should always contact the police.”

One of the ten organisations that have been awarded funding is New Pathways – a registered charitable company that provides a range of specialist counselling and advocacy services for women, men, children and young people who have been affected by rape or sexual abuse.

Mr Mike Wilkinson, Deputy Director at New Pathways said: “Mr Llywelyn has always been clear that supporting victims of sexual violence was a priority area for him, both in terms of awareness raising and the funding of specialist services. As part of that commitment, we are delighted to receive this additional funding, which will greatly enhance the services we offer to people in Dyfed-Powys who have been affected by rape and sexual abuse.”

Other organisations that have received the additional funding include; Aberystwyth University (running Dewis Choice service); Calan DVS; Carmarthenshire Domestic Abuse Service; Hafan Cymru; Montgomeryshire Family Crisis Centre; New Pathways; Pembrokeshire People’s First; Pobl Care and Support; Threshold DAS; and West Wales Domestic Abuse Service.

Mr Llywelyn added: “I now look forward to seeing what this additional funding delivers to our communities and importantly how it will help to provide new and increased ways of supporting victims. I will continue to lobby government funders to ensure that this is not a one-off provision and that we continue to support this vital work longer term”.

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