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Police patrol woods at ‘Teletubby Hill’ in response to complaints about large gatherings of youths

POLICE in Burry Port are monitoring reports of mass gatherings planned in the town, after around 200 teenagers had to be moved on earlier this week.

Officers are following up on all information received about further plans for teens to meet in large groups, and will break up any crowds that form over the bank holiday weekend.

High visibility patrols will be carried out along the coastal path, as intelligence suggests groups will meet in the woodland behind Bae Bach – known locally as Teletubby hill.

Inspector Dawn Fencott-Price said: “We are concerned that there is another mass gathering planned to take place in Burry Port in the coming days which could result in a repeat of the antisocial behaviour we saw earlier this week.

“We are doing everything we can to stop this activity, and we are working with colleagues at British Transport Police to try and stop large groups from travelling to Burry Port by train.

“We will again move groups on if we find they are drinking underage or behaving in an antisocial way, however we are asking for help.

“Parents – please try to be aware of where your children are. This behaviour is distressing for people living in Burry Port, and we are urging you to be accountable for your children’s actions.

“Owners of licensed premises – be vigilant over the people you and your staff are selling alcohol to. Please be rigorous in asking for identification, and bear the Challenge 21 policy in mind when serving alcohol to anyone.

“We are also asking people in the area to get in touch if they see large groups of teenagers heading towards or walking along the cycle path.

“We would like to assure people living in Burry Port that we are monitoring the situation closely, looking at all information we receive, and we will act swiftly to any reports of large scale gatherings.”

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