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Politicians applaud council’s new £255mil Capital Projects investment

Plaudits far and wide have come in for Plaid Cymru led’ Carmarthenshire County Council’s new Capital Projects £255 Million landmark investment;

The project is set to boost the county’s economy, create skilled jobs, and improve the general quality of life of Carmarthenshire residents for years to come.

The ambitious five year plan improves and develops all corners of the county; from roads, schools, and leisure facilities – to the Net Carbon Zero Plan- and even a life changing Wellness Village in Llanelli.

If approved by Full Council in March, the council will commit £126million of its own funding to add to a further £129million it plans to secure from grants.

Responding to the £255M capital programme, Plaid Cymru leader Adam Price AM said:

“Plaid Cymru councillors are at the forefront of delivering major investment into Carmarthenshire to ensure that the infrastructure upon which the local economy depends continues to develop and improve.

“Building on the significant investment in building new schools in the County over the past few years, this investment will see our schools are equipping the next generation with the knowledge, skills and resources to build a better Wales.

“As leader of Plaid Cymru, I am always aware of the hard work undertaken by Plaid Cymru’s councillors for the service to their communities and to delivering the important local services that underpin our society and the local economy.”

Carmarthen East and Dinefwr MP Jonathan Edwards added:

“Under the previous Labour council administration we saw 12 years of decline, drift and dither, with the council’s name being dragged through the mud and the poor running of local services.

“This Plaid Cymru council administration has really stepped up to the plate with this major capital spending programme that is both exciting and ambitious for the rural and urban areas of Carmarthenshire.”

A motion was also tabled in Parliament by Jonathan Edwards MP. The motion asked that the House congratulated Carmarthenshire Council for becoming the first local authority in Wales to launch a strategy to become net-zero carbon neutral by 2030.

It read: That this House congratulates Carmarthenshire Council for becoming the first local authority in Wales to launch a strategy to become net-zero carbon neutral by 2030; notes that the highly-ambitious strategy of the County Council, approved by the full council at its meeting on 12 February 2020, sets out actions to cut carbon emissions and measures to offset the negative effects of C02; believes that this landmark strategy will greatly benefit local residents and global citizens; pays tribute to local environmental activists for engaging positively with the council on this issue; encourages local authorities across Wales to follow the example of Carmarthenshire on climate action; and urges both the UK and Welsh Governments to adopt more ambitious targets to achieve net-zero carbon emissions.

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