September 27, 2021

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A PROMINENT Powys politician has been given planning permission to change the use of land at his listed property.

Former Brecon and Radnorshire MP and Powys County Councillor for Felinfach, Roger Williams, had applied to change the land classification of 464 square metres of agricultural land to residential curtilage at Tredomen Court, Trefeinion near Brecon.

A barn at Tredomen Court is Grade II listed as ar nearby neighbouring buildings to the northeast of the site.

Planning applications by councillors and council staff are automatically sent to the committee for a decision.

Cllr Williams is also a member of the planning committee and at the meeting on Thursday, September 9, he declared an interest and logged out when councillors discussed his application.

Planning officer, Charlotte Ford, recommended approval and said that the agricultural land classification was “Grade Two” in that it is “good quality.”

Cllr Linda Corfield said: “This seems a sensible application, the hedgerows will be retained, I’m prepared to propose accepting the officer’s recommendation.

Cllr Gwilym Williams who seconded the proposal said: “I don’t see anything wrong with this.”

But Cllr Karen Laurie-Parry questioned the loss of good quality agricultural land.

Cllr Laurie-Parry said that she understood the Welsh Government advised that building on land graded one, two and three should not be allowed

“How are we adhering to that?” asked Cllr Laurie-Parry.

Ms Ford answered that as the land was next to a listed building, any plans to build there would need to be approved first.

Cllr Laurie-Parry: “I am concerned about the change of land use and that we’re not going along with what the Welsh Government say, are we comfortable with that?”

The council’s planning professional lead officer, Peter Morris said: “The grade won’t change, it will continue to be grade two even with the change to residential curtilage.”

Mr Morris speculated that the land could be used as a garden, vegetable patch or lawn and could be returned to its current state if need be.

“I am satisfied it’s acceptable, said Mr Morris.

Planning committee solicitor, Colin Edwards said: “In accordance with the planning protocol I confirm that I’ve looked at the planning file and I confirm that the application has been determined normally.”

The committee approved the application, with 14 votes for and one abstention.


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