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Public Health Wales able to consider boundary by boundary Covid-19 restrictions if required

PUBLIC Health Wales has said that they are able to consider implementing local Covid-19 restrictions jurisdictional boundary, by boundary if required.

It could mean that a town like Llanelli would be under restrictions, while a neighbouring town would not.

At today’s committee meeting of the Health Social Care and Sports Committee, Public Health Wales Dr Quentin Sandifer, Executive Director of Public Health Services and Medical Director – Public Health Wales was asked by David Rees MS for Aberavon, how big an area had to be for Public Health Wales to go down to if they wanted to implement local restrictions.

Dr Sandifer said: “You mentioned Carmarthenshire and indeed looking at the position in Carmarthenshire we do see quite significant variation within that county area, with the highest figures of concern in the Llanelli area. So, in fact, that is where we are paying particular attention within Carmarthenshire. So we are able to go down to a sub-county local level in terms of our considerations and that is what we are actively doing.”

The MS then said: “That is the smallest type of area you would go down to. You would look at a town, a locality, rather than a county borough in totality?”

Dr. Sandifer replied: “We look at natural communities defined by jurisdictional boundaries rather than simply a postcode.”

Clip courtesy of Senedd TV

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