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EXTINCTION Rebellion isn’t something one would necessarily associate with the quiet rural idyll of Five Roads. They have got a history when it comes to rioting harking back to the Rebecca Riots. The parlour of the old pub The Farmers was a hive of activity for those who wanted to disrupt the money making scams of the wealthy.

On Sunday (Jun 30) it was the turn of activists campaigning for the declaration of a Climate Emergency’.

Becky Seale, Extinction Rebellion activist

The organisation has been at the centre of direct action on climate change in larger cities across the UK blocking roads to the liking of some but to much discontent from others.

The organisation asks for people to make a sacrifice by taking part in direct action and being arrested if necessary.

Speaking at the Five Roads Green Event Becky Seale from Extinction Rebellion told the audience that more would be done in Wales by the organisation and that they are trying to get councils to declare a ‘Climate Emergency’.

Becky said: “We’re really wanting to highlight how serious the situation is in regards to the climate and the environment at the moment.

“People tend to focus on the disruption and not the message.

“We’re seeing temperatures hit 44C in France… we’re facing a catastrophe.

“In Wales we’ll get more rain, we’ve already seen floods.”


Cllr Jim Jones and Judith Merrick with children from five roads school

Judith Merrick who organised the event, which included stalls promoting green energy, healing, organic foods and more said that the event had been a great success. Nia Griffith MP and County Councillor Jim Jones were there to support the event along with staff and children from Five Roads School.

Judith Merrick, organiser of the event

Judith said: “We put this event on really to try and highlight what we can do, to show them that we have to do something. We concentrated on local food, green energy and changing our lifestyle.

“Everyone wants to do a little bit here, they’re all bringing their businesses.

“The Rural Council have allowed us to plant a dozen trees on the grounds.

“If everyone planted a tree it would help.

“We really did want somebody from the local council to come and explain what they were doing now they’ve declared a climate emergency. Unfortunately we weren’t able to reach a person willing to come which was a great shame.”

Report and images by Alan Evans and Lucy Fiola

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