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Refurbishment to include roof terrace for cancer patients at Withybush Hospital

A flat roof at Withybush Hospital will be turned into a terrace for cancer patients on a ward currently being refurbished. The majority of funding for the Ward 10 refurbishment came from Welsh Government, but more than £500,000 of charitable donations have also contributed.

A planning application for a glass balustrade to form an external roof terrace on an existing flat roof has been approved by Pembrokeshire County Council planning officers.

It is part of the plans to modernised Ward 10, designated for oncology and haematology patients and those with palliative care needs, which is nearly finished.

The application, approved on July 27, states that “the hospital wishes to provide an external space for the Ward 10 patients to aid in both recuperation and the mental and physical health of the patients.”

The roof will be covered in timber with a glass wall/balustrade 1800mm high and 900mm high manifestation all around allowing a view of the landscape to the rear of the hospital.

There will also be tables and chairs along with pant pots, with the outside scheme funded by charitable donations.


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