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Residents of Newport reassured that bin collections will be unaffected by Christmas

BIN collections will be unaffected by the Christmas period, due to Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve falling on a weekend.

However, Newport City Council has urged residents to recycle as much as possible this Christmas.

The council has recommended the “scrunch test” when it comes to wrapping paper – crumple paper with your hand and if it bounces back it cannot be recycled.

Glitter and ribbons must be removed from cards before they are recycled.

Cut up your cardboard so that it fits in the green box and/or bag. A small amount to the side of the box will be accepted.

Real trees can be disposed of at the Household Waste Recycling Centre in Maesglas.

You must book your visit before attending the centre, you can book here: https://www.newport.gov.uk/en/Waste-Recycling/Household-Waste-Recycling-Centre/Household-Waste-Recycling-Centre.aspx

You can check your usual bin collection day here: https://www.newport.gov.uk/en/Waste-Recycling/Bin-collection-days.aspx

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