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Rhondda Cynon Taf council proposals for £116m investment

THE COUNCIL’s Cabinet will consider proposals for a new capital programme which would invest £116m across Council services and infrastructure over the next three years – and includes additional one-off Council funding of £9.4m for targeted priorities in 2021/22.

A report to Members on Thursday, February 25, outlines the proposals which will be funded by the Council’s own resources, Welsh Government’s General Capital Grant and a range of specific Welsh Government grants.

The capital programme provides funding across all Council service areas over the three-year period – including Highways, Parks, Transport infrastructure, Town Centre Regeneration and Business Grants, Renovation Grants, Schools, Parks and Play Areas and Adult and Children’s Services. The capital programme aims to make a significant impact on service delivery and is a key component of the overall Medium Term Financial Strategy of the Council.

The proposed additional funding of £9.4m – for the financial year beginning April 1, 2021 – would be a one-off resource to invest in infrastructure and further support the Council’s aspirations and targeted priorities. These include:

Highways and Roads – £3m; Highways Structures – £1.5m; Park Structures – £750,000; A4059 Footbridge – £1.5m; Porth Interchange (Transport Hub) – £1.5m and Parks and Green Spaces – £500,000

If the capital programme and additional resources are agreed by Cabinet at Thursday’s meeting, they will then be recommended to Full Council in March 2021.

Councillor Andrew Morgan, Leader of Rhondda Cynon Taf Council, said:

“Cabinet Members will consider a report on Thursday which provides the latest update on the Council’s ongoing capital programme, which is set annually for a three-year period to plan our investment across priority services. The report proposes an investment programme of £116m up to 2023/24.

“There are a number of exciting projects that the capital programme continues to provide funding commitment for, helping to support the priorities set out in our Corporate Plan. For example, alongside partners we will continue to progress the Pontypridd YMCA redevelopment, new modern accommodation business units in Robertstown, the Llanharan Bypass, the A4119 dualling (Coed Ely to Ynysmaerdy) and the Cynon Gateway North (Aberdare Bypass extension) – having recently delivered the Mountain Ash Cross Valley Link, Llys Cadwyn and the modern business units at Coed Ely.

“Back in 2018, the Council agreed a £300m capital investment over a five-year period over and above our recurring capital programme, and on many occasions, in recent years we have been able to bring forward specific ‘one-off’ investments for key targeted areas. The report for Thursday’s meeting sets out the latest opportunity and we are able to invest additional Council funding of £9.4m in our priorities”.


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