April 19, 2021

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Rugby legend Jonathan Davies backs idea for padel tennis proposal

A FAST-GROWING racket sport which combines elements of tennis with squash could be a smash hit for Langland, according to Wales rugby legend Jonathan Davies.

He and Newton councillor Will Thomas are now calling on Swansea Council to support the concept of padel tennis when it markets an area of the seafront for potential development.

Padel tennis originates from Mexico and is normally played by four players, who wield string-less rackets.

The rules and scoring generally follow those of tennis and the courts – around a third of the size of a tennis court – have a net.

But they are enclosed like in squash, and it is the glass and mesh enclosure which adds an extra dimension, lengthening rallies and opening up all sorts of angles.

The council is appointing agents to market the two tennis courts closest to Alma Road and adjacent toilet block for potential development.

Former Wales fly-half Mr Davies, who lives in the area, said: “You might not have heard of padel tennis but I urge you to Google it.

“Padel is a four-player game that can be played by all ages and is one of Europe’s fastest-growing sports.

“It really is a great game I have played many times abroad and Langland is the perfect place for it.”

Cllr Thomas agreed, saying he hoped council chiefs would consider the benefit of a padel court to the area when they eventually came to a decision.

“I’m also proposing hot showers, changing facilities and better public toilets when the council advertise