June 23, 2021

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Schools in Vale of Glam get £485 less per pupil than Cardiff schools

SCHOOLS in the Vale of Glamorgan continues to receive hundreds of pounds less of funding per pupil compared to schools in Cardiff.

For the current financial year, the delegated schools budget means schools in the Vale receive £4,496 per pupil, compared to £4,981 in Cardiff — a difference of £485.

The difference used to be starker: £547 last year, and £500 the year before that. But now renewed calls have been made to fund schools in the Vale more fairly.

The Vale of Glamorgan is a key swing seat in the upcoming Senedd elections in May. In the last election, in 2016, Labour won a slender majority of just 777 votes, with the Tories coming in second. Labour MS Jane Hutt has represented the area since 1999.

Matt Smith, Conservative Senedd c