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Senna’s local run and record lap time

IT’s not every day one would see a Formula 1 Champion dashing passed one’s home en route to Pembrey in shorts and running vest.

That was exactly the scene in 1988 when the motor racing ace Ayrton Senna took a run from the Diplomat Hotel in Llanelli to the race track in Pembrey to clear his mind.

According to the then Llanelli Borough Concil’s Press Officer Ron Cant. Senna was fond of keeping fit and a brisk run was a way in which, he cleared his mind before competing.

Senna even managed to whizz up the steep heights of Heol y Meinciau passing Wales News Online’s HQ before setting a lap record at the circuit.

Ron recalled his encounters with Senna and they have been replicated here by the fine hand of Mark Jennings.