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South Wales Police celebrates Derrick Hassan

During Black History Month, South Wales Police recognises and celebrates the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic role models who have served within our organisation. Derrick Hassan, who sadly passed away earlier this year, was the first.

Fifty years ago this month, amidst very different times, Derrick became the first black police officer appointed in south Wales, having previously served with the Merchant Navy and taken on the trade of carpentry.

Like all officers, Derrick began his career as a frontline constable on patrol, and after several years on the beat, he moved on to serve with CID in Roath and later Rumney in Cardiff. From 1999 until his retirement from the force in 2002, he served as a coroner’s officer. It was also during this time when Derrick played an important role in helping to form the South Wales Police Black Police Association (BPA).

As a leading figure within the BPA, Derrick gave advice and guidance as a mentor to colleagues from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic backgrounds. In recognition of this work and his service to police race relations, in 2003 he received a commendation from the National Black Police Association.

In this short video, Derrick’s wife, Ceri, kindly dedicates some time to recount the memories he shared with her about his career with South Wales Police.

Derrick’s legacy and impact as a mentor within South Wales Police is fondly remembered by many. Historically, his appointment and positive contribution to South Wales Police marked a new chapter in the force’s story, which is why this year the force has named the Derrick Hassan Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Award in tribute to his service.

The award was presented by Ceri at the #TeamSWP Awards Ceremony in Cardiff earlier this week.

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