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Sport event will be supported with £20k for another year but independent review needed

A MAJOR sporting event will receive another £20,000 from Pembrokeshire County Council for next year but an independent review of this year’s benefits must be carried out.

Cabinet decided that the contribution of Activity Wales’ Long Course Weekend (LCW) to the county be reviewed, with funding hoping to be sought from Welsh Government.

At its meeting on December 2 it had been recommended that the review be subject to budget availability but members said it was vital it was carried out.

“I don’t doubt that we don’t benefit from these events but we need to see that, for it to be quantified, not just for our benefit but for the public,” said Cllr Michelle Bateman.

Organisers submitted  a review of the event and benefits it claims were provided after receiving £20,000 of public money as well as ‘in-kind’ support from the council.

July’s LCW saw 10,600 athletes from 44 countries take part, with an hour-long television show screened in more than 100 countries.

The report states that each athlete travelled with three to four others on average and stayed around three nights.

Council “anecdotal feedback supports this substantial increase in
accommodation demand.”

The event also supports local schools and communities, as well as sports clubs.

A consultation after the event raised a number of concerns including road closure timings, routes and duration of closures and the impact on businesses, public transport and Royal Mail.

The action plan has a focus on economic assessment feedback, future developments for the event including review of Tudor Square, contingency planning for incidents and a communication plan.

Cabinet member for infrastructure, licensing and major events Cllr Phil Baker said that there was also a plan to develop a wider event strategy and the benefit to the county as a whole.

Cllr Paul Miller said that major sporting events were an “important part of our tourism offer” but questioned if the funding should come from the programme of administration budget because it would not necessarily be considered a priority.


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