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Stallion pony removed from Gelligaer Common with ‘nasty untreated abscess’

THE RSPCA has launched an appeal for information after a skewbald stallion pony with an untreated abscess was removed from Gelligaer Common.

Officers from the animal welfare charity jointly worked with Redwings Horse Sanctuary, The British Horse Society and Caerphilly Council to reach the badly injured pony, on 28 July.

The stallion – who was not microchipped – is now in the care of the RSPCA and undergoing treatment for the abscess. He had to be sedated using a tranquiliser dart, before being safely confined.

Anyone with information about the equine has been urged to contact the RSPCA’s inspectorate appeal line, as the animal welfare charity seeks to decipher how he came to be left on the common with an untreated hoof abscess.

RSPCA inspector Christine McNeil said: “This skewbald stallion has a very nasty untreated abscess on his hoof, which required urgent attention.

“Safely taking this stallion from Gelligaer Common was a complex, multi-agency operation, and we’re grateful to Redwings, The British Horse Society and Caerphilly Council for their support.

“If anyone has any information about this pony, we urge them to contact us on 0300 123 8018. We’re hopeful information may help detect an owner, or explain why this equine was found on the common with an abscess in such urgent need of treatment.”

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