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Statement by South Wales Police following events in Cardiff Bay

FOLLOWING the recent events at Cardiff Bay Superintendent Marc Attwell said:

“As restrictions have eased, the need for personal responsibility is critical and it is extremely disappointing that a small minority are willing to put themselves, and others, in harm’s way.

“Cardiff Bay in particular has attracted large crowds over the past few days. The behaviour seen over the past three days has placed additional pressure on not only the police but the local authority as well, and meant that officers have been diverted from other parts of the force. The practicalities of policing such large gatherings is incredibly difficult and we still have emergency calls to attend. 

“A Section 35 dispersal order is now in place in Cardiff Bay, which gives officers and PCSOs the power to exclude a person from the area.  We are asking people in groups of six or more who are thinking of attending or organising a gathering at the Senedd over this Bank Holiday weekend not to do so.

“Three arrests were made yesterday evening.  A 20 year-old man was arrested for a public order offence, a 22 year-old woman arrested for being drunk and disorderly and for possession of a Class A substance and a 35 year-old man who was also arrested for possession of a Class A substance.

“Our officers will be out and about around Cardiff Bay throughout the Bank Holiday weekend.  We’d urge people to be sensible and not to breach the rules – we don’t want anyone to be given a fine or be arrested for public order offences.

“As many restrictions are no longer in force, personal responsibility is critical if we are to prevent a third wave of infections. We all have a responsibility to make sensible choices when we are out and about, maintaining social distancing and not putting ourselves and others at unnecessary risk.”

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