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BRIDGEND County Borough Council is asking parents, carers and children for their feedback on the food parcels it has been delivering for pupils who are eligible for free school meals during the Covid-19 pandemic.

At times when pupils have been learning from home, the council has been working with the Real Wrap Company to provide around 5,000 children with a weekly food parcel featuring enough nutritious breakfast and lunch items to cover five days.

Information about the food parcels can be found on the council’s webpage.

Cllr Charles Smith, Cabinet Member for Education and Regeneration said:

”Schools are now sending a survey to parents and carers and a separate one for children and young people to ask them for their views about the parcels and the items included. They will take about five minutes to complete. The direct delivery of food parcels to pupils who are entitled to free school meals has helped to make sure children do not go hungry while they are learning from home during the pandemic.

To ensure we have the best possible system in place, we want to know what parents, carers and the children themselves think about the food parcels, and if they could be made better.

I would encourage them to have their say and take part in the surveys, which will be circulated by schools.”

The current food parcels take specific dietary requirements into account and use Welsh suppliers wherever possible. They include items such as jacket potatoes, peppers, apples, oranges, penne and macaroni pasta, pasta sauce, couscous, tomato and sweet chilli sauces, ravioli, baked beans, soup, milk, jam, porridge, orange juice and desserts such as rice pudding, jelly or custard.

The parcels also feature ‘life-skill’ recipe cards to encourage children and adults to prepare meals together, learn about nutrition and more.


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