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Anna Redfern the owner of Cinema & Co was given a 28-day prison sentence, suspended for nine months, after admitting six charges at Swansea Magistrates’ Court.

Commenting after the judgement having acted as a ‘paralegal’ for Anna Redfern, Propel’s Neil McEvoy said: “Anna Redfern took a stand against a law, which is full of contradictions. Her small business, which is a cinema only 25 per cent of the time has been hammered, whilst bigger venues with far bigger screens do not have to comply with the same rules.

“When you stand up to be counted, you get hit back and that is what has happened today, when Anna stood up and accounted for her actions with her pleadings.

“Welsh history is full of people who have been brave enough to stand up and break the law, when principle has demanded it. Anna Redfern was one of those people today

Anna Redfern said: “Going forward, the regulations will be followed to the letter. If a person states they are exempt from wearing a mask, that will be respected by Cinema Co and no questions will be asked. If a person presents without a Covid passport, they will be simply asked if they have an up to date lateral flow test. If the individual say they are legally exempt from this, that will be respected, they will not be asked further questions and they will be admitted to Cinema and Co. That’s the law, which I will take full advice of.

“I am looking forward to re-opening and continuing to provide a much needed service for the whole community to enjoy. It will be lovely to get back to children’s birthday parties, events for the homeless and allowing people to access their right to culture.

“My priority now is caring for my terminally ill mother, who has been my inspiration and my strength throughout this whole traumatic ordeal.”

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