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Swansea Stand Up to Racism event passes off without trouble

TWO events, which threatened to spark trouble were held a short distance from each other in Swansea today, Saturday (Apr 27) and passed off without incident.

There was a large police presence at the ‘For Britain’ event at which some claim there were members of the far-right group, the Democratic Football Lads Alliance. Close by were Around 100  ‘Stand Up to Racism’ supporters.

On eve of the rallies a Muslim family’s home in Swansea was vandalised and sprayed with racist graffiti. South Wales Police is investigating that incident.

Battle of the loud hailers: The speakers from both camps were close enough to hear one another

Leader of Swansea Council, Cllr Rob Stewart spoke to the crowd at the Stand Up to Racism event and there was music and entertainment throughout the day.

Swansea Council permitted Stand Up To Racism to hold their event in Castle Square while the  Pro-Brexit supporters were situated next to the castle.

Standing up to racism: Cllr Rob James from Llanelli was at the event



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