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A block of student accommodation flats – halls of residence at Swansea University are under lockdown. Students claim that more than one block has been affected with letters being sent to students to self isolate. Swansea University deny this.

Students told Wales News Online that the flats were under lockdown with security staff posted in the entrances to the accommodation. We have seen letters sent to other accommodation blocks.

The students who did not wish to be named contacted us to report the present situation and express their frustration at this development.

In a statement Swansea university said: “Swansea University is working with the local TTP team after one student at the Cefn Bryn halls of residence tested positive for covid-19. Cefn Bryn has been placed in temporary isolation as a safety precaution to mitigate possible spread.  Other halls of residence have not been affected.”

In an updated statement on Wednesday (Apr 28) the University said: “Swansea University along with our TTP partners have been made aware that there were gatherings in breach of current covid-19 guidance at Cefn Bryn halls of residence over the weekend. Two students have since tested positive for covid-19 and students at Cefn Bryn have been placed in isolation on the advice of the TTP team to mitigate any potential spread. The University is providing support to those students that are isolating.

“The University is also supporting students that are self-isolating in other student accommodation but these are not thought to be linked to the gatherings at Cefn Bryn.”

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