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PLANSto extend a home deemed “more suited to Beverly Hills than Mynydd Nefyn” are to go back before councillors.

Last September saw members of Gwynedd Council’s planning committee go against the advice of officers in refusing the application at Tan y Mynydd, Mynydd Nefyn, citing the visual impact and that approval would “open the floodgates” for similar developments.

But Monday (May 24) will see amended proposals presented to the committee with authority planning officers proposing the green light.

According to the report, the plans would involve the refurbishment and extension of the house, including demolishing an existing outbuilding, rear two-storey extension and a glass side extension.

Relocating a stone wall in order to create a parking and turning area, it would also see a new two-storey and another single-storey extension and a balcony on the gable-end of the existing house.

Officers said the amended plans were “an improvement on the previously refused application in terms of its impact on the landscape and meets with the local and national planning policy requirements”.

But the local town council is again objecting to the plans, describing it as “oppressive in the landscape, an overdevelopment of the site,” and “detrimental to views into and out of the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.”

Town councillors also claim “there is no change to the horizontal size of this application from the previous application”.

Such concerns are partially backed up by Gwynedd Council’s AONB unit who acknowledge that while the amendments are “an improvement on the previous plan, concerns continue regarding the size of the extension and the glass area on the western gable-end.”

Speaking on the previous application, Cllr Gareth Jones had urged refusal after describing the “overbearing” plans as “suitable for the slopes of Beverly Hills but not Mynydd Nefyn.”

But the applicant, Mr W Hadlow, noted in his supporting documents that their previous application was “beset by a campaign of disinformation as to its size and ambition,” refuting any suggestions that the property would be used as a holiday home.

With the amended plans now maintaining the white render, he noted their hope it would ensure the property to be “more in keeping with the existing surrounding buildings and true to the existing building.”

Also stressing that it would be a family home and not developing for onward sale, the applicants promised to engage local builders and use local materials for all works wherever available.

The Design and Access Statement said: “We believe that the proposed extensions and cosmetic improvements will have a positive effect on the overall appearance of the property, whilst the changes to the materiality will enable a more discreet fit with the adjacent buildings, and wider landscape.

“The proposed improvements will improve the buildings performance, usability and safety, and enable its long term use to be preserved.”

A decision is expected when Gwynedd Council’s planning committee meets on Monday, May 24.

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