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Three men handed life sentencess for murder of Fahad Nur

THREE men have been handed life sentences with minimum terms totalling almost 70 years for the murder of Fahad Nur.

Mustafa Aldobhani, 22, Abdulgalil Aldobhani, 23, and Shafique Shaddad, 25, were found guilty on Tuesday, February 4, and were back at Cardiff Crown Court today to be sentenced.

They were each handed a life sentence, with Mustafa Aldobhani having to serve at least 22 and a half years before being considered for parole, Abdulgalil Aldobhani having to serve a minimum of 24 years, and Shafique Shaddad a minimum of 23 years.

Life for murder of Fahad Nur: Mustafa Aldobhani
Life for murder of Fhahad Nur: Shafique Shaddad
Life for murder of Fahad Nur: Abdulgalil Aldobhani

Aseel Arar, 35, who was found guilty of assisting an offender is remanded in custody for sentencing later this month.

Fahad Nur, 18, died after being stabbed in the lane near Cathays Railway Station during the early hours of Sunday, June 2.

Fahad Nur

Sentencing, judge Mr Justice Hilliard said: “This was a very tight-knit joint enterprise indeed… everyone was playing an important part for the common purpose.

“This was not a case of spontaneous violence. It was pre-meditated.”

The judge praised those who helped save Fahad, those who intervened in the confrontation, and South Wales Police Detective Constable Darren Roberts, who worked on piecing the CCTV together. Speaking about DC Roberts’ role, the judge said: “It was an enormous task, like looking for a number of needles in a large haystack. He is to be commended for that.”

Earlier this week, Fahad’s family released the following statement:

“As a family we are very pleased with the verdict. This process has been extremely hard for us as a family.

“We are very relieved that this has come to an end and justice has been served.

“We want to thank the police, the barristers, the witnesses, the judge, the jury, the emergency services and all the people who co-operated and tried to help.

“Thank you for all your hard work.”

Senior Investigating Officer DCI Mark O’Shea said: “This tragic case yet again highlights the devastating and far-reaching consequences of knife crime.

“Knife crime has risen across the UK and unfortunately we are not an exception to that.

“South Wales Police is committed to tackling knife crime by preventing young people carrying these weapons and robustly dealing with those we find involved in such criminality.”

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