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Three Nuns to Three Runners and over £60,000 raised for Abersoch RNLI

THE three friends, who have previously appeared as three nuns for the black and white themed Abersoch RNLI New Year’s Day dip, have trained hard for this event all year. With the dip being cancelled due to Covid restrictions and being inspired by the fundraising efforts of their children over the years, Jon, fondly referred to as ‘the Skipper’ enlisted Peadar and Tom bright and early on New Year’s Day morning via a WhatsApp message and ‘Team Challenge’ was born.

Inspired by ex-Navy Seal and ultrarunning guru David Goggins, the 4x4x48 Challenge is said to be one of most gruelling running challenges in the world and Jon, Peadar and Tom set themselves an initial target of £10,000 which then grew to £50,000 following their hard work securing donations but on Saturday as they crossed the finish line their exhaustion was quickly replaced with beaming smiles as they learned the donations had shot up to £60,000 and is still growing.

Andy Gunby, Abersoch RNLI Helm, joined the team on Saturday morning to offer his support with a socially distanced four mile run.

Sarah Leather, Abersoch RNLI Press Officer, chatted to them about their most memorable moments and Team Challenge said, ‘The final run coming along the beach and seeing friends and family gathered and the lifeboat out on the sand made us pick up speed on the home straight and running with our families on run #11 was brilliant, all the children and wives involved and even Andy from the RNLI crew, was a really great surprise’.

They added that their worst moments were ‘The alarm clock ringing at 1.45am to get us up for the 2.00am runs was never a pleasant experience and the 6.00am run on day two was pretty unpleasant as the rain was hammering down’.

Phill Brown, Abersoch RNLI Chair, said, ‘We are overwhelmed and of course delighted with the significant sum raised by Peadar, Jon and Tom’. He added, ‘Their hard work and commitment has been truly exceptional and it’s a huge thank you from all of us at Abersoch RNLI’.

Sue McCann, who is Chair of the fundraising committee, was there to present the lads with their well deserved medals and commented, ‘Due to the Covid pandemic all our fundraising activities were cancelled last year and also this year too, which has had a significant impact on the local lifeboat station. The effort made by these three friends in raising such a huge amount of money for us truly is exceptional and very much appreciated’.

Catherine Tudor Jones, RNLI Community Manager for North and Mid Wales, has also been involved in supporting the event and she passed on this message this morning, ‘Massive congratulations to the three of you on the twelve runs and your fundraising efforts. It’s clear that people have really become inspired by your challenge.

We are overwhelmed seeing the money rolling in to support such a crazy running challenge and your support for Abersoch Lifeboat Station is very much appreciated’.

You can still show your support for this epic event by following the link and making a donation https://praetura.enthuse.com/pf/team-challenge.

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