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Unions in Carmarthenshire are balloting their members to take action against the Council

CARMARTHENSHIRE County Unison branch and GMB and Unite branches in Carmarthenshire County Council are balloting their members to take industrial action in regard to Carmarthenshire County Council’s ‘final offer’ regarding winter maintenance (winter gritting) out of hours payments.

The Unions are confident that their members will vote yes to taking industrial action.

UNISON’s Mark Evans

Mark Evans of UNISON said: “The trade unions have been negotiating with Carmarthenshire County Council Environmental Services management for over two years but unfortunately, the employer has moved very little from their original offer that was made in March of this year -that was emphatically rejected by the vast majority of members.”

“All the unions were mandated by their members to seek a significantly improved offer over the summer of 2019 but management ended the negotiations making a ‘final offer’.

“Council management praised their members who work hard keeping our roads safe in dangerous conditions but they refuse to pay a higher retainer citing budget cuts as a reason for not paying more.”

“The ‘final offer’ from the council is regarded as ‘insulting’ to their members who deserve better. Their members have been forced to consider industrial action because of the intransigence of the council who used to pay their CEO nearly £180,000 a year but claim they can’t find the money for their members who are out keeping our roads safe when most people are at home snug and warm in bed.”

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