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SINCE taking over the chair of the PTA in September its been a particularly busy time in terms of meetings and fundraising events. I must say from the off that without my committee, Anna Rees, Karen Seward and the fantastically enthusiastic members of the PTA and school staff, much of what we achieved this year would have been impossible.

Our first event was The Gwyl Cerdd Dant, a popular festival in Wales that was organised by Catrin Hughes our go-to and ever enthusiastic link on the school staff. First job was to buy the food necessary to cater. This is where Karen Seward and I come into our own. This was my first event and as such, boy did I underestimate the amount of people that we would be serving that day. Suffice to say we started serving at 7.30am and didn’t stop until 1pm. Our PTA team bailed me out that day as they scrambled to buy more food for us to serve. Lesson learnt. 

We raised a magnificent £700 profit. A fantastic day all round. It was great to see all the PTA and staff working as a team.

Next on our list was the Winter Fayre. Fantastic to see so many people turn out to support the school. We had over 20 fantastic craft stalls and the primary school choirs were magnificent as well as some talented musicians from Ysgol Y Strade. We served a vast array of food and wine. The Mulled wine was a particular success. 

In total a profit of over £700 was made. 

A lot of time and effort goes into raising funds for the PTA and much of the work is done behind the scenes from shopping to emailing and buying new aprons. Making the money is all well and good but how do we spend it is an almighty question. Money sitting in the bank account will never benefit the pupils and teachers of the school. We have many projects in mind and have started with our first one today. The PTA was approached by Julie Fletcher, Head of I Technology to help with a whole school project involving students as Digital Leaders. It’s a fantastic idea and the committee were delighted to help. The PTA bought some fantastic T shirts which give the students a real sense of identity. 

This is just the beginning of many fantastic projects that we have in the pipeline. Please support us in our events in the New Year, all of which will be released soon. Our first meeting in the New Year will be on January 14th,  Strade Park Hotel, 7.00. Hope to see you there for an informal evening.

Owain Davies

(Chairman of PTA)

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