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MUCH of Wales has been left battered in the wake of Storm Bara. Gale force winds hit the Welsh coastline and inland areas, causing considerable damage to property.

Staff were evacuated from Bryngwyn School in Llanelli on Tuesday evening after part of the roof blew off the school building. Roads around the school were closed as emergency services and council officials tended to the damage.

In Pendine there was structural damage to the new Museum. Park Howard in Llanelli was also closed due to safety concerns.

In Aberystwyth the area along the promenade was left in ruin, with cars and street furniture tossed into buildings. The shelter which had been replaced in 2014 due to similar structural damage has fallen victim to the storm and will need major structural repair. A number of flagpoles were also snapped due to high winds and fell onto the Promenade.

This morning much of Wales was taking stock of the damage as winds died down temporarily.

The storm has caused power cuts and travel delays. Winds have been recorded at 86mph. There are flood warnings in place for coastal areas. The weather warning will last until 18:00 GMT on Wednesday in parts of Wales.

Dyfed-Powys Police have urged residents of Aberystwyth and seaside areas not to venture out near or onto the seafront as the high winds and high tide could cause serious injury to members of the public. Also, if your car or vehicle is parked on the promenade, residents are being urged to contact Dyfed Powys Police on the non-emergency line to get help in moving their vehicles.

Pics. Anthony Elvy

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