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Rhyl RNLI lifeboat crew recover capsized fishing boat

A FISHING boat with two people on board were rescued by passing boats and the RNLI crews after their vessel capsized off Prestatyn about midday on Thursday (Aug 8).

The lifeboat crew were paged at 12.24pm and were on scene some ten minutes later. One of the people on board had been taken ashore by another nearby day boat, who then stood by with the other occupant until the lifeboat crew arrived.

The remaining person was transferred to the lifeboat, who then towed the upturned vessel into shallower waters, and managed to right the vessel.

Although heavily waterlogged, the boat was taken to the shore, where beach parties from Prestatyn Sailing club managed to get the boat on to a trailer, and empty the vessel.

The lifeboat crew then ensured that any floating objects from the boat were recovered back to the owners, and then returned to station by 1.45pm.

Andrew Wilde, duty Coxswain and helm of the inshore lifeboat says: “We are very grateful to the vessels who firstly rescued the two casualties, and also who stood by until we arrived. They helped reduce the risk to the casualties by getting them out of the water quickly.”

Photo: RNLI/Rhyl

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