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Welsh boxing legend Steve Robinson joins WNP

WELSH boxing legend and former WBO Featherweight Champion, Steve Robinson, has joined the Welsh National Party (WNP).

Robinson, 51, known as the Welsh ‘Cinderella Man’ and Wales’ first black world boxing champion said,

“Politics is too important to be left to the politicians.

“I’m proud of where I come from. I’m Welsh and grew up on the estate in Ely. It concerns me nowadays that so many youth centres and facilities have been closed. Young people need more facilities to develop in the right way.

“We need to stand up and fight for our communities. We need to let our voices be heard.

WNP leader Neil McEvoy MS welcomed the news,

“Wales needs champions now more than ever, and in Steve Robinson, the WNP and Wales have a true champion in their corner”

“It’s really exciting that Steve chose to get involved in politics and joined the WNP”

“His journey is a metaphor for the WNP. As a country, it’s only through talent, hard work and dedication that we achieve better.

“Steve seized his opportunity. Wales’ opportunity is in May and it’s one we should grasp with both hands.

“I have had so many brilliant times watching Steve box in the 90s and I’m looking forward to the brilliant times ahead seeing Steve fight for Wales.

Robinson, who was on £52 per week as Debenhams storeman, famously won the WBO featherweight title in 1993 after accepting the fight with just 48 hours notice.

He then went on to become one of Wales’ greatest ever boxers and was proven a worthy champion with seven successful defences of his title over a two and a half year reign.

Robinson is now a boxing coach as well as a WNP member.

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