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Welsh Government exceeds apprenticeships manifesto pledge

The Welsh Labour Government has confirmed it has exceeded its 2016 manifesto pledge to create 100,000 new high-quality, all-age apprenticeships across Wales, with 128,675 created.

Llanelli’s Member of the Senedd Lee Waters said:

“Creating 100,000 all-age apprenticeships was one of our flagship commitments to the people of Wales in 2016. That we have exceeded that pledge whilst going through a pandemic is testament to the strength of partnership we have here in Wales between government, employers and training bodies.”

He added:

“Skills and training are vital to our future. I’m really chuffed to see Llanelli is one of the best constituencies in Wales for new apprenticeships. This is helping to address skills shortages, and to provide viable pathways that help young people, or people returning to work, to stay and build careers here.”

The Llanelli constituency ranked sixth (out of forty constituencies) in Wales for new apprenticeships created since 2016. In all, 3885 people in Llanelli have benefitted from a new apprenticeship since 2016, learning vital new skills while earning a wage.

Welsh Government’s five year apprenticeship action plan will continue to focus on increasing the number of apprentices aged 16-19, providing apprenticeships at level four and above, and merging existing programmes such as Jobs Growth Wales and ReAct into a single all age programme. This will support people joining the labour market as well as those progressing within their chosen career.

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