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Welsh Government “must absolutely continue to test weekly in care homes” says Plaid Cymru

IN response to plans to decrease testing in care homes in north Wales Plaid Cymru Shadow Health Minister Rhun ap Iorwerth MS said,

“The Welsh Government must absolutely continue to test weekly in care homes to protect residents. Those in care homes are among the most vulnerable to covid-19 – they cannot be let down yet again by the government.

“The absence of sufficient testing capacity to deal with the spikes in part of the south is a direct result of the Welsh Government’s overreliance on the UK wide Lighthouse network rather than developing Welsh resources and expertise.

“Rather than putting people at risk, rapid changes should be make in how testing is done, with a far heavier reliance on Welsh testing centres and labs over which we would have more control.

“It simply isn’t good enough to allow care home residents to become collateral damage yet again.”

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