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It is about as perverted and corrupt as it can be. No conspiracy theory here, just an out and out power struggle. The old saying that whoever mentions the word Nazi first loses the argument doesn’t ring true as that person appears to be in the driving seat and has the world falling at his feet uttering shock and horror over something which has been so predictable and something that could have been avoided, but only by one dictator or two giving in to another. Putin says that Denazification is the reason for invasion. If these aren’t the ravings of a lunatic then what are?

Politicians will be blaming politicians and organisations that cost billions to run will throw their hands into the air in shock and horror and make appropriate noises for the situation until it is resolved and they are able to sit at the table again safe in the knowledge that they will earn a huge sum of money and that their economic interests are back on track. Will they sit at the table with Putin once more in some glamorous European resort promising to do something about the destruction of the planet or cordially agreeing to trade deals?

If your not in the club if you are not a part of this or that organisation you get no help. It doesn’t matter how many millions die or suffer, it is just the way the rules of the club are written down. No one can take responsibility for adjusting those rules, to amend a piece of writing in order to save lives. Of course the argument is that if someone did that then the aggressor would aggress more and that would mean more lives lost. It is a game of chess with human consequences, which will be felt by so may people. We ban your football teams, ah we stop your fuel, in that case we stop your travel, ah then we stop sending you wheat for your bread and fertiliser for your farms, you see how it goes me old check mate.

We the civilised West have been covering green land with concrete for shops which cannot sell local produce because we just don’t grow our own local crops because we just don’t have the people who want to do jobs like that. Because we have a system whereby what you look like and which mob you join on social media defines us as human beings in today’s post war world on the brink of a nuclear war from a battle playing out on TV and social media. A battle between some of the wealthiest people on Earth surrounded by a handful of elite people who have no worries about where their children will be safe, if they have enough cash, if they have enough food, if they can go on holiday all paid for by the citizens of their country.

Those who protest. Ordinary people who show their support, show their disgust, paint their calls to those dealing in death on placards, that there should be no borders, we should be one family on Earth. Are they innocent? Are they correct? Naive? Misguided? Foolish? Pointless? In the eyes of the warmongers; yes. In the eyes of those who remain entrenched in holding on to geographic demarkation lines dictating wealth and status; yes.

Imagine all those people, like the women of Greenham, setting off on a march only this time towards Russia. What could Putin do? Mow them down? Blockade the way? The show of unity, empathy, sympathy anger, outrage, disbelief from all those people across the world is a powerful thing. One could argue more powerful than any sanctions, more powerful than any blockade and more powerful than any multi billion pound organisation, which to date is impotent against one man and his desire to take the World towards oblivion. If not impotent then in total fear of the consequences of acting.

Are we also to believe that nothing can be done, that nothing is being done behind the scenes. No threats of retaliation, no warnings over the verbal threat of the use of nuclear weapons. Has Putin got the measure of the West? Has he backed the might of the supreme power of the USA and Europe into a corner, on the ropes throwing jabs while being pummelled into submission by a good old fashioned kicking from the Russian boot?

We hear that a configuration to launch a nuclear attack has already been established in the event of some form of espionage or attempt on the life of Putin and that the button or buttons would be pressed without hesitation. So what have we to lose by throwing everything we have or at least threatening to? Instead we will stand by and watch on our TV’s as a whole population flees or else remains, condemned to their certain death at the hands of an army made up of the sons and daughters of Russians who above all else want a Western way of life.

They march on to secure a new iron curtain, new borders, a new regime, a new world order. Now the West has an uncertain future and one we will all have to come to terms with politically and economically. Food and fuel shortages, a rise in prices, a rise in interest rates, a world which resembles life in the early 1900’s not the 21st century. Depression, war, poverty, death and destruction. These are the calling cards of war being delivered to Ukrainians and which may soon be coming to a country near you.

Let us hope that in days to come we see the end of this most recent threat to humanity but let us not forget or ignore the fact that the balance of power still remains with a handful of people, with governments where wealthy individuals call the shots, not nazis, not illuminati, not aliens or reptilians. These are men and women like us all who have been given that position by us all. The micro ruling the macro. The future of the world is in their hands.

President Zelensky has urged MPs to let Ukraine into the European Union and to prove that they stand with his country.

As a very brave woman asked the Prime Minister Boris Johnson; What is the alternative? To observe the bombs dropping on our women and children. She said: “Nato is not willing to defend because it is afraid of World War 3 but it has already started.”

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