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Killianwoods, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Wildlife consultation underway in Carmarthenshire

RESIDENTS in Carmarthenshire are being asked to help share knowledge and raise awareness about the special wildlife and wild places where they live in county.

The Carmarthenshire Nature Partnership (CNP) wants to create a series of Wildlife in your Ward profiles which will highlight the range of special species and habitats in community areas, the walking routes people enjoy and the local sites that people visit. They want to hear about the different species of birds, mammals, fungi, plants, insects or reptiles people see or the best places to see nature such as woods, meadows, rivers, coastline, parks, hedgerows or even in the garden.

Once the profiles have been developed they will be sent to schools, community councils and other groups and organisations to share information and increase local knowledge about our wildlife.

The scheme has been funded by Welsh Government through the Local Nature Partnership Cymru project.

People are being asked to submit information and pictures to the council as part of a consultation, that will close on 8th January 2021.

Carmarthenshire County Council’s biodiversity officer, Isabel Macho said: “We need the help of local communities as they know their area better than anyone.”

To get involved and submit pictures and information, email Biodiversity@carmarthenshire.gov.uk


Photo credit: Killianwoods, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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