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Years of ‘Labour neglect’ of town centres put right by Plaid led Council investment say councillors

PLAID Cymru councillors in Llanelli and Ammanford have welcomed applications by Carmarthenshire County Council for more than a million pounds in aid towards ambitious plans to help the towns recover post-Covid. The authority is seeking funds from the Welsh Government’s Transforming Towns Programme towards the cost of acquiring empty commercial properties in Vaughan Street and Stepney Street in Llanelli, and towards other developments and environmental schemes in the town.

“After years of neglect by the Labour party, the Plaid Cymru-led council has already secured tens of millions of pounds to transform Llanelli town and the surrounding area,” said Cllr Sue Phillips. “We’re determined to make our town centre as vibrant and attractive as it was during its heyday. Planning permission has already been given for a number of developments – both major and minor. I sincerely hope that these application for funds towards regenerating the centre of Llanelli are successful. Securing funding in this age of continuing austerity has been a real challenge, but these are worthy schemes that deserve support from the Transforming Towns Programme.”

The County Council is seeking a total of more than £1.6m from the programme to help regenerate the county’s main towns – Llanelli, Carmarthen, Ammanford and Burry Port.

An application for £45,000 towards an Ammanford Recovery Plan Feasibility Study, and substantial sums towards improving digital infrastructure and training, has been welcomed by local county councillor Deian Harries. “We really need this assistance to get Ammanford on its feet again after the devastating effect of the Covid lockdown and the surge in internet shopping,” he said. “Digital training to enable more local shops to sell their produce and goods on-line could be the key to their survival. More use of Click and Collect on a local scale would be a shot in the arm for Ammanford traders, be convenient for customers, as well as being more environmentally friendly,” said Cllr Harries.

This is the full list of applications made by Carmarthenshire County Council to the Transforming Towns Programme:

  • Acquisition of 8-12 Vaughan Street, Llanelli; £199,185.00
  • Development plan for Market Street South, Stepney Street and Tinopolis Area, Llanelli; £42,000.00
  • Acquisition of 3 Stepney Street, Llanelli; £140,000.00
  • Green Infrastructure- Llanelli Library Green Wall; £154,000.00
  • ‘Meanwhile’ – test trading space in Llanelli; £70,000.00
  • Digital Infrastructure and Training – Llanelli, Ammanford and Carmarthen £35,000.00
  • and Blue Infrastructure Strategy; £33,596.50
  • Capital Equipment for Outdoor Market Stalls in Llanelli and Carmarthen; £2,650.25
  • Acquisition and redevelopment of vacant commercial space at 36 Stepney Street and 1-3 & 3a Vaughan Street, Llanelli; £249,999.00
  • Acquisition of Former Family Value Building, King Street, Carmarthen; £175,000.00
  • Acquisition of Former Post Office, King Street, Carmarthen; £249,999.00
  • Recovery Plan Feasibility Studies – Llanelli; £42,000.00
  • Recovery Plan Feasibility Studies – Carmarthen; £42,000.00
  • Recovery Plan Feasibility Studies – Ammanford; £42,000.00
  • Town Centre Recovery Plan – Burry Port; £10,500.00
  • Mystery Shopper provision – Ammanford, Carmarthen and Llanelli; £45,000.00
  • Welsh Language support and assistance for businesses within Llanelli, Ammanford and Carmarthen town centres and county wide online; £15,000.00
  • Events at Llanelli, Carmarthen and Ammanford Town Centres. £49,833.31
  • ‘Meanwhile’ uses Llanelli – revenue spend £45,000.00
  • Digital Training and Support – Ammanford, Carmarthen and Llanelli £15,000.00

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