April 19, 2021

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Adam Price says “Foresight not Hindsight ” should be purpose of Four Nations Commission to tackle another Covid wave

THE Leader of Plaid Cymru, Adam Price MS, has given his backing to an open letter to UK political leaders, in which senior medical figures call for a rapid review of the UK’s preparedness for a second coronavirus wave. The letter, which was published in the British Medical Journal, proposes a ‘constructive, non-partisan, four-nation approach’ – something which Mr Price said he “wholeheartedly supports.”

Mr. Price acknowledges that the efficacy of the UK response to coronavirus was blurred by a “veil of ignorance” but that this veil can be lifted if all parties come together to share experiences, and clear the way to a “robust ‘Prepare, Prevent, Protect’ approach.”

Adam Price was clear that the task of the non-partisan, four-nation Commission “should not be to point the finger, but to point to a plan” and that the focus of this new Commission should be to provide “foresight not hindsight.”

Leader of Plaid Cymru said:

“A new virus posed unprecedented challenges, some which were understandably difficult to overcome, and our way was hampered by a veil of ignorance. By now, we are in a very different place.

“I read with interest the proposals put forward by senior medical figures, which outlined the policy areas that need the greatest focus, and which were published recently in the British Medical Journal. Perhaps the most crucial area of focus is effective governance and scrutiny. Wales’s very recent experience of a local flare-up on Anglesey, where more than 200 employees in a meat processing plant tested positive for Covid-19, proved the importance of ensuring that Local Authority leaders have the freedom to act in the best interests of the citizens they serve, regardless of the national picture.

“I wholeheartedly support their proposals and would urge other party leaders across the four-nations to heed their advice. Through their suggested rapid review, we can lift this veil of ignorance by collating what we have learned over the last three months. A swift and detailed set of recommendations with broad cross-party support would enable us to implement a robust ‘Prepare. Prevent. Protect’ approach, and deal with a second wave more effectively than the first one.

“It is right this should be conducted by a cross-party, four-nation Commission, but let me be clear – the purpose should not be to point the figure, but to point to a plan. Foresight, not hindsight must be the buzzword of this new Commission if we are to fully and adequately equip ourselves for the second wave of this virus.”

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