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All-weather lifeboat at Rhyl rescues six following distress call from stranded speedboat

THE all-weather lifeboat at Rhyl was requested by the Marine Rescue co-ordinating centre at Holyhead following a distress call from a stranded speedboat.

The casualty had dialled 999 after the outboard engine on their boat had failed. They were at a position about three miles out from Rhyl promenade, near the windfarms.
The lifeboat, under the command of Deputy Coxswain Vinny Jones, was launched at 2.50pm, and arrived alongside the vessel about 15 minutes later. As the engine was unusable, the casualties were all taken aboard the lifeboat. A crew member was put aboard the disabled boat, and a tow line was attached to prevent the vessel drifting into busy shipping lanes to Liverpool port.
The tow was undertaken, and Rhyl harbour was reached about 45 minutes later. The vessel was taken to the inner harbour, to be recovered by the harbour master team.
The lifeboat then returned to station, being rehoused at 5.45pm.
This was only the second call with Vinny as Coxswain, the other being a call which resulted in a plastic gate being rescued!
Vinny said ‘ This was a smooth rescue with great co-operation between the RNLI; coastguards and Rhyl harbour master. It is a good feeling when the casualties and craft are safely returned to land’.

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