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Anglesey budget investment in services “after years of austerity”

ANGLESEY’S Budget for 2022/23 will help to reinvest in vital services hit hardest by the Covid-19 pandemic and many years of austerity measures.

Members of the Full Council have backed extra funding for public services, following an improved financial settlement from the Welsh Government.

This will include investment in children’s services, information technology in our schools, tackling homelessness and helping the local economy.

The final revenue Budget of £158.367m includes a 2% Council Tax increase, which is the lowest increase in North Wales and one of the lowest in Wales.

The Full Council also confirmed that the level of Council Tax Premium for second homes will increase to 50% with empty homes remaining at 100%.

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Finance portfolio holder, Councillor Robin Williams, explained:

“Since 2013/14, we’ve been forced to make £25m in service cuts. After years of austerity, we will now be able to reinvest in key service areas to respond to increased pressures, some of which are linked to the Covid-19 pandemic.”

He added:

“We are, of course, keenly aware that the pandemic has meant financial hardship for many Anglesey households and businesses. We have worked to keep Council Tax as low as possible and a 2% increase will mean a weekly increase of 52p on an average Band D bill.”

As well as investing to address service challenges and risks, a 2% increase in the Council Tax will also help fund inflation, extra resources to maintain systems and meet anticipated increase in annual costs.

Council Leader, Cllr Llinos Medi, thanked members of the public for contributing to the Budget Consultation process as well as members of the Council’s scrutiny committees for their input into the Budget setting process.

Cllr Medi said:

“Every service we provide has been impacted by nearly 10 years of continuous cuts. The pandemic has also placed a huge strain on a number of key services. As we now move towards recovery, this Budget will allow us to reinvest in many vital public services which have borne the brunt of the pandemic.”

The final capital Budget will focus on vital maintenance work with £2m allocated towards improve roads; £480k on public toilets, £400k on maritime infrastructure around our coast and £100k on new fitness equipment at the David Hughes Leisure Centre, in Menai Bridge. It will also continue to invest in existing Council assets, including schools, other buildings and fleet vehicles.


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