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Application for Aberystwyth flats approved despite concerns over loss of large family home

There were concerns about parking, anti-social behaviour and the loss of large family home but plans to create four flats in an Aberystwyth house have been approved.

Members of the Ceredigion County Council’s development control committee on Wednesday (November 24) found no planning reasons to refuse an application for the conversion of a large house on Castle Terrace, South Road.

The application had been deferred from October’s committee for further information and images to be provided.

Objections from local members, Aberystwyth Town Council and residents were once again highlighted, with discussions about the possibility of banning the use of the flat roof as a terrace.

The house will be converted into two flats on the ground floor, with one bedroom each, and the two upper floors will include a two-bedroom flat on each level.

Cllr Ceredig Davies said that houses in Aberystwyth were being into flats and one of the problems was they tended to be “small units, compact units, which are very small for people to live in.”

He added that he would prefer to see three flats in the house and his call for a condition to stop use of the flat roof was backed by local member Cllr Endaf Edwards.

Cllr Edwards said anti-social behaviour was an issue in the area and residents were concerned more flats would add to that, while Cllr Bryan Davies argued it was not acceptable to “label these people before they come to live there.”

Cllr Dafydd Edwards added there was also a requirement “to look at meeting housing need.”

The application was approved with 11 votes in favour, five against and three abstentions.


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