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Approach to easing lockdown restrictions “problematic” says Plaid

PLAID Cymru Shadow Minister for the Economy, Helen Mary Jones MS, has responded to the announcement that pubs, cafes and restaurants with existing outdoor seating areas can begin to reopen outdoors from July 13.

Helen Mary Jones MS said:

“Plaid Cymru and Wales’ bars and restaurants have consistently asked for a timescale for reopening the hospitality sector in Wales. Our calls have been ignored by the Welsh Government until now.

“While the news that we have a date now for outdoor opening is welcome, we still do not understand why a timetable couldn’t have been shared with the sector earlier. Giving the sector less than two weeks to prepare for re-opening shows how problematic the Welsh Government’s current ad-hoc approach is to easing restrictions.

“Now the Government needs to work with local authorities to urgently overcome the planning and licensing challenges that need to be addressed to enable spaces to be created in our towns and villages to increase the space available for outside opening, and work with the sector on a timetabled plan for indoor opening.

“The Welsh Government needs to be planning much further ahead and making clear which restrictions are expected to be lifted in the weeks and months ahead.

“And some businesses may not be able to open for some months to come. They will need longer-term support, and they need to know from the Welsh and UK Governments now what that support will look like. We can’t afford to lose these vital businesses.”

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