September 27, 2021

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Cardiff Bay residents paying thousands of pounds for ‘unnecessary’ fire wardens

Residents in Cardiff Bay are paying thousands of pounds for fire wardens which they claim might no longer be needed.

Two wardens are paid each day to walk around outside the seven blocks of flats at Victoria Wharf, near the International Sports Village.

Their job is to sound the alarm in case a fire breaks out on the outside of the walls of the flats. Residents say they cost £2,100 each week in service charges.

The management company at Victoria Wharf said wardens are needed due to surveys showing fire safety issues with outside walls—but residents claim these surveys are flawed.

Peter Larwood, chair of the Victoria Wharf residents association, said: “We didn’t believe these surveys were factual. We believe they are flawed.”

After the Grenfell Tower fire in 2017, high rise apartment buildings across the UK were checked for similar fire safety issues. As well as combustible cladding, other problems include missing fire breaks to prevent the spread of any fires throughout a building.

Fire breaks are often included both inside and outside buildings. Fire breaks inside split buildings into compartments, containing any fires within those compartments. Fire breaks outside prevent any fires from spreading across the outside wall.

At Victoria Wharf, surveyor