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Carmarthenshire charity devastated by damage caused by Storm Arwen

STORM Arwen has wreaked havoc across the UK with winds reaching almost 100mph. Over 11,000  in Wales lost power overnight, trains were halted, some roads were closed, trees came down and there was considerable damage caused to property. A roof was ripped off a restaurant in Saundersfoot.

In Carmarthenshire the Many Tears animal rescue centre was hit by the storm with winds ripping off the roofs on outbuildings .

We received a desperate plea for help from the charity. The owner Sylvia wrote:

“Please help us by sharing our plea. We have been hit by storm Arwen and have even lost a puppy due to the storm, We have extensive damage and have had to cancel our Coffee Day which was to raise funds for a pup needing surgery. We have no power and need to keep the dogs warm. Please watch our YouTube video below.”

In a statement regarding the cancellation of an event Many Tears said:

“We regret to inform you we have had to cancel our Cabin Coffee Day today due to the rescue being affected by severe storm damage.

“Storm Arwen hit the rescue causing catastrophic damage. We have been without power since the early hours, buildings are destroyed and we are devastated that one puppy has died. The new classroom we have spent so long creating is in pieces with debris flying dangerously in the winds. We have suffered major structural damage and loss of life so we are absolutely devastated right now and must cancel our open day as the premises are not safe and we must concentrate on the repairs and our dogs.

“Please, please help us fundraise to help with repairs. If you could donate the cost of a cake and coffee then we would be so grateful.”

You can donate via Paypal here – https://www.paypal.com/donate/?hosted_button_id=H6FTJUDRLLJFA

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