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N0 Ceredigion businesses have been issued with improvement enforcement or closure notices by the council when it comes to Covid-19 regulations – so far.

Local authorities across Wales have the power to close businesses that fail to comply with Covid-19 safety guidelines under Welsh Government rules.

It includes hygiene measures, allowing for social distancing provision, limiting close face to face interaction, controlling shared facilities and collecting information from those on the premises.

Ceredigion council said there had been a “high level of compliance” with the regulations but it would not hesitate to use enforcement powers if necessary.

The rules came into force last month and allow councils to issue improvement notices with action to be taken in a set period, take action to revoke a venue’s licence or issue a closure notice, for up to 14 days.

A Ceredigion County Council spokesman said: “Our Public Protection Team has been engaging positively with business premises to support them in following the regulations appropriately.

“No notices have been issued to businesses in Ceredigion since 10 August 2020, when amendments were made to the Health Protection (Coronavirus Restrictions)(No.2)(Wales) Regulations 2020, requiring all Local Authorities to publish all their new Improvement Notices and Premises Closure Notices.

“This is largely due to the high level of compliance with the regulations. Nevertheless, we will not hesitate to use our enforcement powers where we deem it to be necessary in order to keep the residents of Ceredigion safe. We will publish all new Improvement and Premises Closure Notices as required.”

Two premises in Pembrokeshire have been issued with improvement notices, one in Haverfordwest and one in Tenby, while in Carmarthenshire six closure notices have been issued.

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