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CEREDIGION County Council has welcomed its new chairman as its Annual General Meeting is moved forward because of coronavirus.

Cllr Peter Davies stood down as chairman earlier than expected as his term was curtailed by the COVID-19 outbreak, with Cllr Gareth Davies of Llanbadarn taking over the chains on Friday (March 20).

Cllr Davies thanked the council for their support during his term adding he was disappointed his year was coming to an end early but “that’s not important considering what is happening out in Ceredigion and the world.”

“I have enjoyed the opportunity greatly, it has been an honour,” he added.

In coming chairman Cllr Gareth Davies was nominated by Cllrs Catherine Hughes and Matthew Woolfall Jones, who said he had been persuaded to become a councillor by the late Cllr Paul James.

“From there the dream team of Llanbadarn were created,” said Cllr Woolfall Jones.

Cllr Davies agreed with others who had said that Cllr Peter Davies had been affair chairman and members “had opportunity to express their opinion but also been strict when necessary.”

“We are living in a period that’s not been faced before,” said Cllr Gareth Davies, as he praised the community spirit being shown by the Ceredigion residents at the moment.

“I hope we will see hope at the end of the tunnel before long but meanwhile be kind and be generous,” he added.

Cllr Paul Hinge was appointed vice chairman for the coming municipal year.


 Councillor Paul Hinge, Vice-Chairman for Ceredigion County Council; Councillor Gareth Davies, Chairman for Ceredigion County Council and Councillor Peter Davies, Ceredigion County Council.

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