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A COLLEGE which has undergone a multi-million pound redevelopment wants to make further improvements after entering plans for a new teaching facility.

Coleg Cambria’s Bersham Road campus in Wrexham has seen significant changes in the last 18 months, including the construction of a “commercial village” featuring a restaurant, hair and beauty salon, florist and coffee bar.
The further education institution, formerly known as Yale College, has now revealed proposals for a building to provide general teaching and health and wellbeing training on Grove Park Road.
If approved, it would result in the demolition of the existing science teaching facilities, which the college said were no longer fit for purpose.
In documents submitted to Wrexham Council, architects acting on its behalf said: “The project intent is to provide suitable facilities to support the curriculum areas provided by Coleg Cambria.
“The proposals will provide a focus on the provision of suitable facilities for general teaching, health and wellbeing training.
“The existing historic accommodation is proving to be inadequate for the current teaching requirements of these courses.
“The proposals will replace the inefficient accommodation, providing much needed space for teaching with a flexible design that can also be used throughout the academic year.
“The project aims to provide a variety of flexible teaching and training spaces with support facilities and social areas that can be used by Coleg Cambria to support specific areas of the curriculum as required.”
The college said the building would be visible from one of the main routes into the town on Chester Road, providing “a new impressive face” to the campus.
It would include an atrium, space for socialising, health facilities and a cafe on the ground floor.
Study areas, teaching rooms and administration facilities have also been proposed on the first and second floors.
The architects added: “In the short term, the proposals will provide improved facilities for Coleg Cambria.
“This will enable a standard of education to be achieved, increasing student access to education and ultimately employment.
“In the long term, the proposals to improve teaching facilities will provide economic benefit to the local area via the increase in employment opportunities.”
The proposals will be considered by the local authority at a later date.

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